Whodunnit? The Mattress Protector

Nothing’s worse than a broken nail….  Well, ok there are a million billion things worse than a broken nail, but its still annoying!  It happened as I was putting on my bedding and trying to put the mattress protector back on.  I struggled to make it fit around the corner and then it happened.  My thumb nail split.  Gutted.



2 responses to “Whodunnit? The Mattress Protector

  1. Yes, someone who feels my pain. I manicure my natural nails constantly and hate when I have to clip & file because of breaks. My culprits around the house are my stove (the stupid oven door) and knives…I cut a few nail tips chopping onions. Good thing it wasn’t my fingers 🙂

    • Exactly. Maintaining natural nails is work and then in a split second it can all go wrong lol

      Chopping off your nail tips while doing the onions: that has to be the worst one I’ve heard! 😯 Nails can grow. Thank goodness it wasn’t the fingers!

      Too many household culprits to mention lol, just happened to be that one that day 😛

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