My Essential Kit

For a speedy yet professional looking change of colour, I need the following essential bits of kit:

  1. Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover ( the purple bottle ) UPDATE: Cutex Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover (the orange bottle)
  2. Boots 6 Way File & Buffer
  3. Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil
  4. Barry M [Topcoat,] Basecoat [&Hardener]
  5. Sally Hansen Growth Plus Quick Dry Topcoat/Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat

First I start by removing the previous nail colour. Out of all the nail varnish removers I have used, I find this one the best.  It doesn’t dry out my hands or nails, but removes nail varnish in a flash!  It also has Nail Whitening Formula added, so that can’t hurt either! UPDATE: I have chosen to switch to an Acetone-Free Nail Varnish Remover as this is less damaging on the nails.

Then I file down and shape the nail – for me, square oval. I only buff my nails every other week or every 10 days so that the nail plate doesn’t become too thin, making it weak and susceptible to breaks.  Next, I apply Cuticle oil (just a swipe over each nail bed) and rub in. Then I apply the Barry M Basecoat, which glides on a treat and dries about 20 seconds after painting the second hand.  Next the nail colour goes on, and I seal it with Sally Hansen Quick Dry Topcoat – does exactly what it says on the tin and leaves an incredible shine!


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