Things I Love: Barry M Nail Varnish


Random Little Samplings...

I was always one of those annoying children who used to bite their nails, there was even a time where I was able to bite the entire nail off. Looking back on that now it makes me feel every so slightly sick. I was never able to paint them and make them pretty like the other girls, and to be honest I don’t think I cared to much. But as iv got ever closer to mybest friend sister, who paints her nails like every single night, I think Iv picked up her habbit.

So, for halloween shopping we were looking for some nail varnish’s to match our outfits (yes we went all out-ish) and I came across a Pink Glitter it may not look very pink, but on it looks absolutely amazing! And so begins my fettish. We went shopping again after purchasing my friends outfit and…

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