Ooh for Ojon

I decided to do a review on Ojon Restorative Shampoo and ConditionerNails may be my first love, but beauty and style are insanely close to my heart too.  I’ve just got finished washing my hair using Ojon – Restorative Shampoo‘ and Ojon – Restorative Conditioner.

Ojon Restorative Shampoo Conditioner


The shampoo had a lovely, comforting, almost nutty scent to it. *Update* It smells like nutmeg**  Very light and not at all overpowering.  It lathered beautifully and left my hair feeling thoroughly cleansed.  I must admit the texture wasn’t exactly velvety smooth, but I still had the conditioner to use.

The Ojon Restorative Conditioner was a dream! It glided through my hair and instantly changed the texture.  My hair was silky soft and conditioned.  The conditioner has a slightly similar smell to the shampoo, but it is a little stronger in scent, still heavenly.


I have quite an intense hair care regime so after I washed out the conditioner, I applied my usual heat defense and hair lotion.  I then blow-dryed it and began inspecting the results.  I wouldn’t say that my hair looked glossy or had shine to it, despite the special Ojon Oil that the product uses.  It did, however,  feel and look nourished.  By nourished I mean that it looked healthy, split ends were less noticeable.


My hair is prone to breakage, coupled with the fact that I don’t always treat it right (sorry hair!), so I’m used to seeing a bit of hair on the comb.  However, there was none when I used it!  Okay, so there was some.  But by a guestimate I would say there was 80% less shedded hair than usual, which is AMAZING!


It’s a tad on the expensive side… £22 a bottle (yep £22 for the shampoo and £22 for the conditioner)…and they’re only 250ml

I may have only used the Ojon Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner once, but they’ve definitely impressed me. I would say the Restorative Conditioner wowed me more than the shampoo.  This might become my go-to conditioner since I can’t find Nexxus anymore 😦

I am going to give Ojon Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner an 8/10.  It could have been a 10 but it lost a point for the price and one point for the shampoo.

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