NOTD – Mavala Mexico

Introducing Mexico by Mavala.  This is a rich purple, almost plum shade, with a little shimmer to it.  I know I said I was going to go for something a bit softer this week, but the dark shades keep drawing me in!

Mavala Mexico Swatch

For Autumn/ Winter it’s nice to experiment with the darker side of things, plus this shade has a nice formality to it.  I have some important places to be this week and I think Mavala Mexico just about passes as a ‘take-me-serious’ type of shade, as the shimmery notes are really only visible in strong light.

Mavala Mexico


6 responses to “NOTD – Mavala Mexico

  1. Thanks to the follow(: by the way , can you post a pic of thos ombré nails? (I Think that’s what they’re called)

  2. You’re welcome. Cute Blog!
    YAY my first request! I’ve secretly been wanting to try the ombre look & now I have a valid reason. You’ll be the first to know wen its up 🙂

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