Tips for Using Dark Colours

I am a self-confessed enthusiast, lover and fan of dark nail colour.  However, the darker the colour, the more noticeable mistakes are, added with the dreaded worry of staining your nails.  Here are my top tips for using dark coloured nail varnish

Use a super base                                      We don’t want those nails stained, so this is vitally important.  I suggest using a base coat that is a nude creamy colour.  This makes the colour that you are going to wear less transparent, allowing the true shade of the bottle to appear on your nails by the second coat

Turn the lights on                                    It may seem a bit obvious, but doing your nails in a well lit room, or with a lamp over your nails (not too close) make it easier to paint your nails without flooding them or making mistakes

Rub-a-dub-dub                                             Rub the bottle back and forth between your hands.  This warms up the nail varnish so that it is more liquidy

Get the technique right…quick!         Darker shades usually have a thicker consistency which makes them harder to work with.  Try to apply the first coat as evenly and accurately as possible, this will save a lot of problems later.  Speed is also key.      The longer it takes to do one nail, the more its going to dry which will make it difficult to create a flawless stroke

Set time aside                                                   I change my nail colour all the time.  On a day-to-day basis I usually take risks and rush it, except when using a dark colour.  You need to ensure that the first coat is definitely dry before applying the second coat.  I do this by using my little finger (very lightly and verrrry gently) touch the top corner of the first nail I painted

Top That                                                        Like I said before, the darker the nail varnish, the more visible mistakes are.  This includes chips.  Make sure you seal the edge of the nail with the nail colour and AGAIN with the topcoat.  This should help the colour last longer

Time to clean up!            The last thing we want is messy nails.  Clean any bits of nail colour on the skin or cuticles away with nail varnish remover.  There are a number of nail varnish remover pens which you can use, or just wrap a small amount of cotton wool around a hairpin


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