Fun Frenchie – Mavala (Nicosia) + Barry M (Pink Glitter)

I decided to keep my promise…sort of 😛 by using Barry M *pink glitter* to create this ‘fun frenchie’ twist on a french manicure.  I couldn’t bring myself to do full nude nails as it was too much of a shock to the system: going from dark to nothing, so this was my compromise!

French Manicure Designs Glitter

The main players are Mavala Nicosia for the base and Barry M Pink Glitter to create the french tips.  I say the main players because I had to use so many layers to create this look – hence why it isn’t as neat as usual.

Again, not the neatest, but I think they’re a dazzling, fun option for the weekend!

So what do you think, would you try a glitter french manicure?


I used a clear basecoat and a nude basecoat, then applied two layers of Nicosia, but I wasn’t loving the colour on me.  It had a sort of yellowish undertone that contrasted with my skin.  Nevertheless, I proceeded to add one coat of *pink glitter* to the tips.

At this point I was very disappointed with how it was looking.  I decided to try something out on one nail  I added Rimmel Whitener on top to lighten the colour.  This was working. YAY!  😀 I added ANOTHER coat of Whitener and it looked so much better.

(You can click on the image to enlarge it)

The only problem is that I had already done all the french tips, so it was incredibly messy.  I ‘ummed and ahed’ over whether I should start over (Bearing in mind that waiting for six coats to dry takes some time!)  But I did!  Believe it or not, I wiped it all off and started again!

  • 2 coats of basecoat. 1x clear, 1 nude
  • 2 coats of Mavala *nicosia*
  • 2 coats of Rimmel *whitener*
  • 2 coats of Barry M *pink glitter* (applied to tips only)
  • 1 coat of Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat

This had to be, without a doubt, THE MOST TIME CONSUMING MANI OF MY LIFE!

It was basically because Nicosia wasn’t working for me – it’s a beautiful colour but just didn’t work with my skin tone.  Though it would look very pretty on pale skin tones.   I didn’t think I had a colour in my arsenal that would work as a base for *pink glitter* tips. So really it would have been 3 coats less if I used another base…

Glitter French Manicure Designs Nails


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