Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Butter – TLC in a tub!

A review of the Body Shop Almond and Nail Butter:  Unless you live somewhere bright and sunny – in which case I am very jealous 😛  – the cold winter months take a toll on hands and nails.  Hands are often dryer, hang nails seem to be on the increase and nails are weaker.

I rarely moisturise my hands after washing them throughout the day, but I do cream them after a shower and before bed.  I decided to share my experience of a hand/nail cream that is a cut above the rest.  My favourite product to use is The Body Shop’s Almond Hand & Nail Butter.  It really is one of the best hand/nail creams I’ve come across and I have tried many!The Body Shop Almond Hand Nail Butter


It has a smooth velvety texture that is not at all thick or gooey. It glides on beautifully and makes an easy transition from the hand to cuticles and nails.

There is a light, sweet almond scent, which is not overpowering but slightly annoying.  It’s one of those smells you either love or aren’t that keen on.  For me, I’m in the second category.  Although, because it’s a light smell it doesn’t last too long.

After Use

It takes about 40secs – 1min to absorb fully.  I do not mean that your hands are a gunky mess while its soaking in, but it takes this amount of time for your hands to be 100%, completely absorbed with no residue feeling.

It keeps the hands and nails thoroughly moisturised for much longer than any other cream I have used.  The condition of the skin looks nourished, with a youthful glow.  It is not at all greasy or sticky.  Your hands are just left feeling as though they have been restored to a healthy condition.

Plus Points

       Where it wins for me is when you rub it into the cuticles.  It almost melts into them, leaving them feeling and looking hydrated.  At nighttime I put a little extra on so give my cuticles a mini treatment.

Minus Points

I feel bad saying the smell, as its purely a preference thing, but that’s the drawback for me.

The Verdict

This post is not like my usual reviews as I mentioned  – this is my go-to hand/nail cream.  I already held this product in high regard before making this review.  I simply wanted to share my experience of an The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Butter – a hand cream that truly ticks all the boxes

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