NOTD – Mavala Deep Blue + W7 Blue Glitter

This is the look I created by using Mavala Deep Blue with a splash of W7 Blue Glitter on top.  I actually have no idea what the name of the W7 shade is because they don’t name or number their bottles.  But if you check out my other post you can see the set that it belongs to.

Despite *blue glitter* seeming thin, one coat was enough to give the nail that extra sparkle.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I thought I’d have to be plastering it on in order to show up, yet one coat was all it needed.Mavala Deep Blue Nail PolishMavala Deep Blue gives a beautifully luxurious finish.  I’ve fallen in love with using navy blue shades ever since I used Nails Inc *Motcomb Street*.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but navy blue nail varnish has an entirely different vibe to it compared to black.  Maybe it’s because navy has the same depth without the harshness.

Mavala Deep Blue - Nail Luxxe

(With Flash)

I found that *blue glitter* dried very quickly with just enough glitter to make them sparkle.

Mavala Deep Blue Glitter Nails


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