NOTD – Candy Cane Christmas Nail Art

Finally, I bring you some festive nails, ta da! 😀 I just did them and to be honest it wasn’t as enjoyable as I’d hoped but hey, it’s Christmas and they are Christmassy.

Apologies for them not being so neat.  After 2 hours of wrapping pressies,  I was getting a bit lazy 😛

I used Mavala *London* and *White* which are both from the Olympic Collection. As always with Mavala, the initial application was dreamy – perfect consistency.  However, the trouble all started when I attempted to add the other colour on top.  I was actually going to invert the colours so that I would have white nails and red stripes but I don’t have a spare striper for *London* so I switched it this way for an accent nail and did the rest in a french manicure style.

Christmas Nail Art

I am a huge fan of Mavala because of their consistency and the fact that the colour on your nails is the colour of the bottle.  However, when doing this manicure, I noticed that the white didn’t cope well when being layered on top of another colour – cue smudging – so there was a lot of correcting to be done, which basically meant that I had to remove everything from any nail that got messed up and start again (because there was no way to add a bit more or take away – it just wasn’t having it!)  Oh, and adding a topcoat was a nightmare too, because even after leaving them quite a while to dry, it smudged, turning the white – pink.

So after allllllll of those issues, this is the result. I think they could be a lot neater but I’m embracing the festive vibe!  2 more sleeps til Christmas! Can’t wait!  “Rockin around, the Christmas Tree, have a happy holiday…”


5 responses to “NOTD – Candy Cane Christmas Nail Art

  1. I love them; they look great! But I totally understand your frustration I tried for hours to get neat Santa suits and It was just not hsppening. Same problem my white was turning pink. I finally gave up and went with different designs which I’ll post on my blog hopefully tomorrow or Monday. I do love your candy cane I tried that too red And white were not friends today…lol

    • Thank you! Very frustrating! I’m glad you understand lol. I thought it was the brand but having read your comment, it may just be that a mix of any red and white causes mayhem. Would be lovely to get them to an almost perfect standard, but I’m happy you like them 🙂 Can’t wait to check out yours!

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