Swatch out! No.17 *Seabreeze*

Hello everyone!

I have been absent again, because believe it or not, once I got my laptop back it was still broken! So I had to send it off for repairs again and then in the end I had to get a brand new one!  A lot of hassle and inconvenience (especially around Christmas time) but hopefully I will be able to continue with the blog without any further technical issues!

Nail Luxxe, Seabreeze

So here we have a swatch of No.17 *Seabreeze*.  It is such a wonderful blue, and goes on a treat.  Word of warning though, I think this is a stainer.  I only had it on for about 18hours and when I removed it my nails were blue (basecoat used as always), however, after going over them about three times with nail varnish remover, they were restored to their natural colour.  Though it makes me wonder if it was a teeny tricky to get off after just 18hours on my nails then it might be a lot harder to shift after its been on for a week.

Having said all of that, I I do love the shade.  Perhaps the next time I put it on, I’ll put a second base coat juuuuust in case.


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