Introducing: Luxxe Appeal

Luxxe Appeal

A new scoring system for nail varnish.

Luxxe Appeal will be a numerical score which refers to how ‘good’ a nail varnish is.  When trying out a new brand or colour, I often like to comment on the following properties:


Typically, a varnish that is wet, but not runny, not too thick and not too thin is preferred. Consistency affects the application of the nail varnish and the drying time.  Varnishes that are thick or gloopy will score lowly as well as varnishes that are super thin or streaky.

True Colour

When buying a coloured nail varnish we usually buy it based on the colour of the bottle. I.e. we buy it assuming/hoping that our nails will look the same as the colour of the bottle.  Yet this is not always the case.  Therefore, I will score a nail varnish in this category based on the results after applying a base coat and 2 coats of the colour.

Drying Time

This refers to the time taken to dry in between coats.  (It’s a bit unfair to judge this on total drying time as the topcoat plays a huge part in that)


This is mainly for darker colours.  Light colours/colours that do not stain will automatically score a maximum of 5 points.

Staying power (Chipping/Longevity)

This is a teeny bit of a grey area, as I don’t tend to keep the same nail varnish on beyond 4 days.  However, if during this time there are chips, shrinkage, fade of colour, then the nail varnish will lose points accordingly.

For some of my future posts, I will grade a nail varnish based on each one of these categories. How it works:

  • There is a maximum of 5 points for each category
  • A point is signified by the Nail Luxxe Love Symbol LUXXE.APPEAL
  • Categories are scored from 0 – 5, where 0 is the worst and 5 is the best
  • The final score (out of 25) will refer to it’s Luxxe Appeal.  The higher the mark, the better the varnish
  • If a nail varnish scores 20 or over, it has ‘Certified Luxxe Appeal’

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