NOTD – Primark Beauty *Jade* Got Luxxe Appeal?

Here we have another set of green nails.  I have to say that I’ve surprised myself when it comes to using greens.  For a long time green has been my least favourite colour in general, but the nail varnish greens that have been on show this Autumn/Winter have been incredible!

Nail Luxxe Primark Nails

This particular shade is from a Primark Beauty nail varnish set which cost either £2 or £4  (but either way definitely not more than £4) and came with four colours.  Primark Beauty do not name or number their bottles, so I have chosen to call this colour *Jade*.

I was not expecting much from the set because Primark is pretty cheap and not exactly an expert in nail varnish.  I bought them more as an impluse buy, which I certainly have no regrets about now!   From start to finish, using this colour was so easy…the only real downside is that the fumes are a bit strong, but colour-wise: amazing!

Now for the burning question, does it have Luxxe Appeal? Let’s find out 🙂

Nail Luxxe Primark Beauty

Scoring 20/25, Primark Beauty *Jade* has Certified Luxxe Appeal. Nice



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