Bond theme for NYE, what nails to wear?! Help!

Unusually for me, it seems that I have organised plans for NYE already and the theme is Bond – how totally amazing!  But now I am faced with the dilemma of what to wear let alone what nails to wear.  As I’m not 100% on the outfit (will do some research), I decided to start with making a decision on the nails, as those need to be ready well before the hair-makeup-dress chaos ensues.

So I am asking pretty please for your help when it comes down to the nails I will be wearing.  I’ve made a few suggestions below that you can vote on, but by all means if you have a suggestion of your own then comment, because I’m a damsel in distress!


All us nailistas (if that word doesn’t already exist, you saw it here first lol) will know all about OPI’s Skyfall collection, the colours and the overall theme of glamorous decadence.  So what about these options for NYE?

Criticsgirlfiles.wordpress taken from

Criticsgirlfiles.wordpress taken from

Black Glitter

Black is a very dramaaaatic colour (oh I forgot to mention, I want my nails to look dramatic), coupled with some glitter gives it that party feel (or so I’m thinking)

Rebel Nails
Gold Finger

haha couldn’t resist the title 😛 . Before I even knew I was doing something with a Bond theme, I had the idea of doing Metallic Gold nails.  I’ve got the Barry M nail varnish but nail varnish just doesn’t give that metal punch, so if I do go Gold, then I’m going to have to use those nail wraps, which I have yet to try!

Source unknown, please contact if your image

Source unknown, please contact if your image

chalkboardnailsOk so those are my thoughts, please tell me yours 🙂 Only 2 days to go and I majorly need your advice!  Something from Skyfall, Black Glitter, Gold or your own suggestion?  Let me know


18 responses to “Bond theme for NYE, what nails to wear?! Help!

  1. I cast my vote for black glitter! I’m planning on doing something with silver and black for NYE. I want to do some kind of nail art but I’m still undecided I what I want…

    • Your vote won through! I am currently wearing Black Glitter 🙂 Just checked yours out and they look amazing! I’m actually kind of jealous lol. Love their depth – Galaxy, Gradient, Glitter, Perfect!

  2. The gold! You can match it with nearly any dress, can accessorize easier also and it’s definitely dramatic enough 🙂

  3. Thanks shortandsweetintexas, roxxiielouise and Danette for casting your vote. I don’t want to influence the voting 😛 so I will keep quiet til the very end. So far its: 2 to Black Glitter, 1 for Gold. Keep voting! This is an important decision! 🙂

  4. I’d definitely go for Black Glitter! I think this colour definitely fits the whole NYE Bond theme thing, well for me anyway. There’s just something so captivating about the finish, plus it would literally go very well with any of your fave outfits you end up choosing. 😉

    • You really won me over with the whole “will go with anything” vibe because as of 1.14am I still have no outfit! lol early shopping trip for me in the morning 🙂 Very happy with how they look, so thanks for voting!

    • I’m thinking a black dress with some sort of lace or sheer sleeves. Yes normally I choose that way round too but there’s nothing in the wardrobe that fits that description 🙂

    • That’s what I was thinking. But I am pleasantly surprised with the Black Glitter, not at all boring. Gold Metallic is deff very high on my to-do list, just need another right occasion 🙂

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