NOTheLastDay of 2012 – Black, Gold & Silver Glitter

Thank you to everyone that voted for the nails I should wear for New Year’s Eve. Black Glitter won hands down!

Loving them and they’re getting me in the mood for NYE celebrations. I wish the photos would show off the sparkles a little more, because in the flesh it’s so sparkly when it catches the light.  They definitely fit the Bond theme and as Donna. D said, they will go with anything – which helps because I still don’t have an outfit yet! lol

So, as you have decided, here they are:

black glitter nails

Now that the vote is over, I will tell you that I was leaning more toward Skyfall to begin with, but then thought they might look a little boring as most people wouldnt notice the gold back. Then my second choice was Metallic Gold as it was something different and completely out of my comfort zone.  So Black Glitter was sort of my third choice lol but you guys knew better!  All said and done, I am very happy with Black Glitter!  I was shattered this evening and it was lovely to be able to do the nails, no fuss, and have them all ready for tomorrows shenangigans.

black glitter 2

I thinkkkkk this will be my last post for 2012 and if it is then I think I had better do a bit of a ‘look back’ at my year of blogging.

I started the blog in November 2012 after some consideration of how to share my love of nails.  It was a bit rocky at first, not understanding how to upload a picture, let alone change font colours but eventually I found my way.  What I enjoy most about the blog is sharing with others and seeing the creations you’ve come up with.  So onwards and upwards I hope 🙂  and I wish you all a successful blogging journey in 2013, too.  Have an amazing New Year!


2 responses to “NOTheLastDay of 2012 – Black, Gold & Silver Glitter

  1. heh heh, I will even be sporting the skyfall ring and earrings :p
    and still haven’t decided on _my_ NY look. sigh…

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