I have a confession to make…Please forgive me!

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!  (I know I’m a bit late but it’s Nail Luxxe’s first post of 2013!) I hope you’ve been well.

I start this post with a little bit of a confession to make, and I really hope you all forgive me!  In the last couple of posts, I had asked you all to help me decide on what nails I should wear for NYE and it was settled that Black Glitter was the winner – so I painted my nails accordingly and blogged about it.

(pic to follow)

Now, as some of you had pointed out, especially Blimbo, the nails are normally decided on after choosing the dress – which I had not done at that point.  So on the day of NYE I was out hitting the shops from 8.45am searching high and low for a dress.  The only trouble was that I had forgotten that the sales were on, so pretty much every shop was a jungle of scattered clothes, messy racks and Sales Assistants who wished they were anywhere else but at work.  All of this made my last minute hunt for a dress super stressful!  But after a lunch break and a mini breakdown, a lovely lady found the exact dress that I had in mind as a back-up plan, should I not find anything!  Why did I not go straight for this dress from the beginning, you might ask. Well, because it was actually the very first shop I tried, but 2 members of staff said that they hadn’t seen it and I couldn’t find it anywhere.  It was only when I went back to the shop (I had a gut feeling to try again) that this miracle of a woman found the dress for me, hidden away in a corner!

So this is the exact dress I wore and the other accessories are very similar to what I wore with it (if only the Louboutins were an exact match, too!)

Nail Luxxe NYE outfit

As soon as I tried it on, I knew that something wasn’t right.  The nails just weren’t making sense with it!  I curled/waved my hair to one side and was going for that Hollywood Glamour Look.  Despite the compliments I had received throughout the day, from you guys and the fact that I ended up liking my interpretation of Black Glitter, it didn’t work with the dress and so I took it off!

I feel bad because you voted and took the time to help me with a fashion crisis, so I am sorry 😦 I hope you guys can forgive me for the fact that Black Glitter didn’t quite make it to the Ball, but they were on during the whole day! If you decide to stay tuned you can see the nails I ended up wearing.

Nail Luxxe xoxo


5 responses to “I have a confession to make…Please forgive me!

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  2. with that burgandy the other bond design wold have worked as well. regardles of the fact the black glitter was a great design as well, hope u still had fun

  3. Thanks for the comment! Yes, I did manage to have fun and a little boogie, I always feel theres some drama on NYE but thankfully it was only a teeny part of the night, which on the whole was fabulous!

    • Really?! That’s so cool! 🙂 It’s lovely in black too, in fact I was debating whether to get the black or not but in the end I swung for the Burgundy. I’m sure you looked amazing and a french manicure would have totally complemented that dress! NL xoxo

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