NYE Nails Revlon *Vixen* and Models Own *Champagne*

If you read the last post then you will be fully up to speed on why Black Glitter didn’t make it to the Bond Ball.  Instead, I chose to try my hand at the Skyfall Inspired Nails with the Red front and Gold Back.

Nail Luxxe Revlon Vixen

I started by applying a base and two coats of Revlon Vixen.  I don’t think it was an exact colour match for the dress, but it was certainly an intense burgundy that complimented the dress, if not match it.  You’ll know by now that for me, the right consistency is very important, and Revlon’s got it.  (But does it have Luxxe Appeal?  Scroll down to find out)

After the front was done, then it was time to do the underside of the nail. Yep, paint the underside of my nails.  In the look created by Nailsmag.com, they placed a yellow gold on the underside.  Now in my collections of ‘golds’ there wasn’t one that had that yellow gold tone, so I just chose the one that worked the best and that was Models Own *Champagne*.  At first I had no idea what I was doing and how to get the colour on the underside of my nail.  My first attempt was to paint it on with a regular brush…which was an epic fail because the brush is way too big to do that kind of intricate painting.  I used a toothpick and brushed the toothpick with the colour and then applied it to the underside of my nails.

Nail Luxxe Skyfall Gold Back

I added a topcoat to the front colour (Vixen) but had no idea what to do with the underside, so I just left it to dry and that was that.

Nail Luxxe Bond Skyfall Revlon

Nail Luxxe

These went with the dress a lot more. So it was a successful switch.  Though I don’t think anyone would notice the gold underside, its nice for you to know its there 🙂 Advice to anyone wanting to try this out is that its a manicure that won’t last very long.  This is mainly due to a lack of topcoat on the underside of the nail, so that washes away after a day or two.  In addition, its very hard to seal the free edge of the nail because you don’t want the burgundy to touch the gold and you don’t want the gold to touch the burgundy, which means that chips are more likely to occur.  Having said that, I was very happy with the overall look.

Luxxe Appeal

Has Revlon *Vixen* got Luxxe Appeal?  Let’s find out:

Revlon Vixen Luxxe Appeal

Scoring 22/25 Revlon *Vixen* has certified Luxxe Appeal. One for the collection

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