NOTD – Rimmel *Marshmallow Heaven*

Today, I bring you my NOTD (with Luxxe Appeal info to follow).

My favourite colour is purple and when it comes to nail varnish, any lilac shade will steal my heart!  That’s why when I saw this for £1.99 at Boots, it was a no-brainer, must-buy.

Marshmallow Heaven Rimmel

Rimmel is a high-street brand and doesn’t do too badly on the nail varnish front, but I feel there are some clear indications during the application process that this varnish isn’t in the high end bracket.  As soon as you put it onto the nail, there’s no real glide effect, you have to really command where you want the colour to go – which is made a bit tricky by the wide brush.  It almost has the consistency of that paint you would use in Primary School (if someone remembers the name, please tell me because it’s bugging me!).

The colour, however, is to die-for!  A little darker than the usual lilacs that take my fancy, but it actually makes sense for this time of year.  I love the name too, although the confectionery looks nothing like the colour, it conjures up  that image of soft, fluffy ‘fluffiness’. The colour is also an exact match to the bottle, so what you see in the bottle is what you’ll get on your nails.

Nail Luxxe Rimmel Marshmallow Heaven

I think every nailista has their own pet peeves when doing a manicure, and for me that’s drying time and the dreaded bubbles – both of which unfortunately cropped up during this manicure.  The fact that it took a while to dry was definitely noticeable, and seemed to be one of the longest drying nail varnishes I have used in a verrrrry long time.  (To the person that does an occasional manicure, this probably won’t be an issue.)  Then, to add to it, those annoying bubbles started to appear, which shouldn’t really happen.  Such a shame because the colour and coverage is actually pretty good.

Marshmallow Heaven Rimmel swatch

I think my Topcoat helped a lot to smooth it all out.  Despite a few hitches, I still love the colour and would definitely wear it again; but now down to the nitty gritty:

Does it have Luxxe Appeal, let’s find out:

Luxxe Appeal

Nail Luxxe Luxxe Appeal

19/25 certainly isn’t a bad score but I think it could have performed much better in a couple of areas.  Still, once complete: it’s beautiful

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