Where to get nail varnish for less

The cost of purchasing Nail Varnish can add up quite rapidly, so here are my suggestions for where to get them for less.

Butter London

This is a more of a luxury brand, with a fantastic range of colours, which I have yet to try but desperately want to. Its RRP is £12, but if you click here you can get them from £6.99, a whopping 42% off which makes all the difference. Update* the discount now appears to be  around 17% off.


Boots have dropped the prices of some of their Rimmel shades to £1.99 including Marshmallow Heaven which I tried out here and in-store.  Even better if you have enough points on your boots card to get it gratis!


The next place I’m about to mention is incredible for getting Nail Varnish for less, but keep in mind that colours can run out very quickly and they don’t always have a good availability of colours. If you go here you can pick up Revlons for 99p!  Most shops sell Revlon around the £6 mark so that’s a saving that can’t be ignored!


A Swiss brand that’s 3 free.  These minis can be found for less here where they also offer free delivery.

Have you bought any from these sites? Do you have your own suggestions for where to get Nail Varnish for less? Comment or let me know via the Contact Page.  Perhaps we could get  a directory going for the top places to purchase Nail Varnish.


2 responses to “Where to get nail varnish for less

  1. Hi I’ve just found your blog and its awesome! Thanks for the heads up for the cheaper polish! I’ve been wanting to try Butter London for a while but it’s so expensive so for £6.99 I can’t say no! I’m a bit of an Essie fan and I’ve found them on Xtras-online.co.uk and fragrancedirect.co.uk for £2.99 and £1.99 respectively. The colour
    choice changes and its not the full range but for under £3 it’s a bargain! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, glad you like it 🙂
      Nail varnish can be an expensive hobby lol so every little helps. Thanks for mentioning your finds, too. Not heard of xtras-online but will definitely be checking them out!

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