No.7 MUA Fur Nails H&M

Here are my latest purchases. First up are these No.7 Nail Varnishes

Nail Luxxe No.7 Nail VarnishFrom left to right – *So Simple* , *Stonewash* and *Thunderstorm

Very excited about *Stonewash*.  I’ve been looking for a shade of blue like this for quite some time so I’m happy to have found it.

Next, MUA Fur Nail Effects.  ‘Fur nails’ have been on the scene for a while now but the trend sort of passed me by.  It’s only when I saw this in the shop for £2 that I decided to try them out.  I bought purple (they have baby pink, fuschia and blue) just to test it out first.  It is so fun! I only tried one nail but I love the novelty of them.  I’m going to go out tomorrow and buy more colours.  I’m praying they do Black because that would be amazing in Black.  (Definitely have to do a full post on the fur)

Nail Luxxe MUA Fur Nails

The next purchase is from H&M, another blue shade *why so blue*, but darker than the ones above and there’s a teeny amount of shimmer in it, which you can only really see in bright light.

Nail Luxxe Why So Blue Nail Varnish

Very much looking forward to doing future posts on these nail varnishes and especially the fur nails!


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