NOTD – H&M *Why so Blue*

One of my recent purchases  – H&M *Why so Blue* with Luxxe Appeal Info to follow.

Loving the shimmery notes of this shade, which adds quality and richness as well as the actual depth of the blue.


H&M nail varnish is very good.  I want to stress that because whenever I try out a nail varnish by brands that are not experts in the nail varnish field, I have some preconceived notion that they wont be any good.  However, the formula of H&M nail varnishes is superior to some of the pros.  I don’t really want to name names (*cough cough* Rimmel) but H&M’s formula far outperforms them.  They are also extremely price friendly and I love the square shape of the bottles – would make a great display feature if you collected enough of these.

Nail Luxxe Why So Blue Nail Varnish


Luxxe Appeal

Nail Luxxe Luxxe Appeal 24 blue

Scoring 24/25 the highest rating so far! H&M why so blue has certified Luxxe Appeal!


I would like to highlight the fact that there was zero staining with this nail varnish! I mean, none!  I was shocked because blue shades are notorious for staining, but there was no trace left.  You could definitely do a light colour manicure straight after taking this off.

4 responses to “NOTD – H&M *Why so Blue*

    • I don’t often urge people to buy things but I have to with this one lol. The colour is even better in person and despite its low price tag, the formula is excellent and looks just as good as some of the more expensive brands!

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