File and Polish? No, a MANICURE please

Be honest, when’s the last time you’ve had a manicure?  I’m not talking about a quick file and polish, but a proper manicure.  If you’re anything like me then it’s been a loooong while.

This is how my nails used to look. I want that back!

Natural Nails

I’ve gotten into a rather bad habit lately of only filing my nails and changing the colour of the varnish.  So that equates to my nails being sanded, stripped and dried out! No wonder they split and aren’t to their usual lustre.  I decided to give myself a proper manicure and boy are my nails looking better already.  It takes about 10 – 15mins depending on how long you soak your nails, but believe me it’ll be worth it.

My Home Spa Manicure

1. Remove old nail varnish (if possible, try to use an acetone-free remover)

2. Shape your nails and make sure you seal the edge of the nail by using the finest grade

3. Soak your nails in a bowl of warm water and a tablespoon of olive oil (for at least 5mins)

4. Use a cuticle scrub to remove any excess dead skin (you can use a face scrub if you don’t have a nail-specific one)

5. Rinse off the warm water oil mix and the scrub thoroughly

6. Push back your cuticles.  I don’t recommend cutting them, but if you have the odd hang nail you can cut that off

7. Rub in a cuticle oil (or almond oil, using one drop for each hand, not nail)

8. Begin the colour process (base, colour, top coat)

9. After everything is fully dry use your favourite hand cream

10. There’s not really a step 10, but I suppose you can marvel at your healthy looking talons!


8 responses to “File and Polish? No, a MANICURE please

    • Ooh let me know how your new scrub works! Its a great pamper experience in the comfort of your own home. I was watching Revenge on the TV at the time so it was a perfect night in 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on Hands Off My Brownies and commented:
    I was just thinking to myself today that I really need to give myself a proper manicure because I haven’t done so in close to two months and then I come across this! Thanks Nail Luxxe, your tips and advice are spot on! The only thing I do differently when I give myself manicures is after Step 7 (rubbing in cuticle oil) I will use a q-tip to rub off any excess oil that got onto my nail bed before going on to Step 8 (applying color). I’ve found that polish doesn’t adhere well to the nail bed and can cause bubbles if there is any remnants of lotion, hand cream or oil leftover. Get your manicure on ladies!

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