MUA Fur Effect Nails – My Guilty Pleasure

It’s almost sad how much I like these fur nails lol. I know they’ve been around forever, Ciate Velvet Manicure is basically the same thing.  Fur nails, velvet nails, tom-ae-to, tom-ah-to…

Fur Effect Nails

I chose MUA Fur Effects Nails, which comes in three other colours – Blue, Hot Pink and Baby Pink.

Nail Luxxe MUA Fur Nails

How it works is pretty simple:  You apply a coat of nail varnish and whilst its still wet, you douse your nail in the fur, brush off the excess et voila you have the look. I was very impatient when I did this, no brush and sort of just dumped a ton of it on my nails, as you can see with this messy little situation below!

Nail Luxxe Mess

No topcoat needed – in fact avoid at all costs, it destroys the manicure.

Nail Luxxe Fur Nails

I applied a base coat, then purple varnish.  I was too excited to do this one neatly as I was concerned about getting the fur on before the nail varnish dried.  I don’t think it will last long, but then again, I’ve only just done it.  So I will update you on how long it lasted when I find out. UPDATE – It lasts 2 days at most.  It loses its texture as time goes on, becoming flatter and losing colour intensity.

Fur Effect Nails Purple

It’s a fun one and at the incredibly low price (£2), why not!

Despite turning out to be quite resilient,  it takes some getting used to and there were a few scary moments:

Top Scary Moments

  • The first time you wash your hands. You’re certain it’s going to wash off – but it doesn’t!
  • Brushing you hand against clothing/fabric.  There is a “drag” sensation which never occurs with glossy nails.  Feels weird at first.
  • Going to sleep, convinced that it wont be there in the morning – but happily it was

14 responses to “MUA Fur Effect Nails – My Guilty Pleasure

  1. This kind of manicure is so fun!!! I love it -never tried, though! :/
    I once saw a tutorial on YouTube using the fibers for the lashes by essence, it looked like snow, lovely!!!

  2. I was going to suggest online. Sorry, have no clue about places in NZ but maybe the brands you have over there have made their own kind of fur nails at a chemist

    • It’s been around for a little while but with all these nail trends (sequins, leather, feathers etc) it’s easy to have missed it, but it’s super fun and worth the try 🙂

  3. Wow that has stayed on really well. Mine just washed off. Though I clearly put less of it on as I just dipped my finger into the pot. I will have to try it again pouring it on and making a similar mess to see if it stays on longer! Plus use the same colour nail varnish 🙂

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