Valentines Day Nails

Happy Valentines Day!

Today we have some lovey-dovey nails, in soft pink with a hot pink heart to spice things up lol

At first, I was stuck for nail ideas and went with some crazy, OTT, epic FAIL of a design which hysterically took about an hour to do!  When I was finished it was just so bad that I had to remove it all and start again!  Definitely was not good enough for you guys! So I went back to the drawing board and thought about the sentiment of Valentines Day.  Sometimes I feel swayed by my friends who say  it’s just some propaganda to make us all run out and buy chocolates and roses.  But at the end of the day, I think it’s about spending time with your loved one and showing them how much you care.

So after that little philosophy session, I came to the conclusion that I should keep my nails sentimental and simple.  So of course this sweet *Dusty Rose* pink made me think of an innocent, cute, in-love feeling, whilst the *Hot Pink* heart added a little bit of passion.

Valentines Day Nails

*Dusty Rose* is from this duo set that I got from H&M some time ago.  This formula is not as good as the latest H&M nail varnish and required three coats which is usually a no-no for me, but I went with it.

Nail Luxxe - Dusty Rose Duo H&M

The *Hot Pink* is by Barry M and was pretty easy to use.

Nail Luxxe Valentines Day Dusty Rose H&M

Sorry for the blur!

Overall, I’m loving this sweet little look.   What are you going to be getting up to for Valentines Day?  Maybe I daren’t ask lol.  For any singles out there, anti-valentines parties? Speed dating? Watching a movie at home – yep that’ll be me 😛 .  Whatever you do or don’t do, Happy Valentines Day!

Nail Luxxe xoxo


14 responses to “Valentines Day Nails

  1. Its sweet! And perfectly simple enough to wear beyond valentines too! I’m on a nail art challenge at the moment, so I had a field of daisies on my nails for V Day! We didn’t do anything except for have cuddles and reaffirm our love for each other – no gifts, just what we call “heartwords”.

    • Thank you 🙂 I just checked your blog – can’t believe you’re doing a 31 day challenge! Major kudos for sticking to it AND coming up with completely different looks each time! Loving your V-day nails!!
      I think its lovely what you guys did for Valentines Day, that’s how I think it should be 🙂

  2. Hi Nail Luxxe! Thought I would let you know that I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Award for a number of reasons. One being for inspiring me with your nail ideas and supporting my blog, which is greatly appreciated as I’m only new. Thank you x

    • Why thank you very much! And your blog more than deserves the nomination. You may be a new, but your content and the look of your blog is just like a pro. Love your answers to the questions by the way and the shock expression pic is funny too 😛 NL xoxo

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