Is Nail Varnish bad for your health? The Truth – Part I

The month of February has been quieter than most for Nail Luxxe, as there have been a number of ‘behind the scenes’ activities taking place.  One of these was research into a very contraversial topic: Is Nail Varnish Bad for Your Health?  It’s controversial for obvious reasons: this blog is concerned with all things nails.  Followers of Nail Luxxe are crazy for Nail Varnish too.  What if the findings are not what I want to hear?  For me, health is so important that it would be irresponsible for me to promote something that isn’t good for you.  So, regardless of the outcome, here it is:

Before I start, I want to explain what started the process of me writing about this topic.

I LOVE nail varnish.  I think it’s feminine, a great accessory and allows you to express your individuality.  However, recently there has been a lot of information coming to light regarding the effects of it on our health.

I was inspired to write this when I read another blogger mentioning that they paint their child’s nails.  I will not name the blogger because they are only one of the millions of people that do it.  This isn’t a name and shame.  This is not about passing judgment on them, and it is certainly not my place to tell them what to do, let alone in relation to their child.  They (like any other person that paints children’s nails) simply served as a basis for my growing intrigue about the subject.

Personally, I would not paint a child’s nails if they were under 10 years old.  I say this from the start because this post will challenge my preconceived notions and get us to the facts.  It also presents a quagmire –  that if I would be unwilling to paint a child’s nails, then why am I more than happy to paint my own?

My concerns/queries

1:  Nail varnish is not tested on children.  So, how do we know the risks associated with the use of nail varnish on children?

2:  The younger you wear nail varnish, the longer you’re exposed to any effects of it.  I.e if a child starts wearing nail varnish from the age of 10, by 20 years old they’ll have been exposed to any possible adverse effects for at least 10 years.

3:  Wearing it on occasions seems better than wearing it regularly.  Why do I think that?

4:  Should we use the data of using nail varnish regularly in adults to guess the effects that it would have on a child?

5:  There is little evidence on the adverse effects of wearing nail varnish regularly in adults long term.  Whilst it may be methodologically unsound to guess the possible adverse effects on children by using evidence on the possible adverse effects on adults, it seems necessary as we cannot test the risks against children. However, there is very little evidence on the effects on adults.  Therefore, even if we used evidence tested on adults as a means of ‘guessing’ the risks for children,there is very little data. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 to see the result of my findings.

5 responses to “Is Nail Varnish bad for your health? The Truth – Part I

    • Yeah that’s true. I just think it’s good for us to know what’s going on so we can make a choice and like you’ve said you’ve chosen to cut down. Second part coming up shortly 🙂

  1. Very interesting post – this is definitely something I am interested in and this post has made me much more aware of the fact! I love nail varnish but I also have a bad habit of sucking my fingers, like thumb sucking except I suck my fingers! Such a bad habit for an adult women but I don’t think I will stop now! Anyway, I often wonder how toxic the varnish could be! I will have to look into this for myself!

    • Thank you for the comment. The research can be quite daunting at first but If you check out the sources there is A LOT of info. I think its important to question things a little bit more, especially when it could affect our health. Like I said in the post – the really worrying ingredients are more or less being phased out. NL xoxo

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