Frosted French Twist Matte Manicure

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve been well


I’d been trying to track down a matte topcoat for approximately three weeks but everywhere had sold out.  I must add that I was trying to get one below £5 which is only covered by Rimmel and Seventeen.  Seeing this at Boots on offer (2 for £6) made the trip that much sweeter.  In fact I was so distracted that I forgot to look at the Barry M gelly and texture range!

Having done my research on Is Nail Varnish is Bad for your Health? I was rather disappointed to discover that Models Own is not 3-free(!) which more than explains why the fumes are so awfully strong, especially the older shades.  Models Own was a fairly new brand to me, but I had already collected a few – my favourites being Champagne and Nude Beige.

I got the idea for this look from a piece I saw Vogue cover on the manicures that were on show at London Fashion Week.  Here I used No.17 *Mink* which I think is an excellent alternative to Models Own *Nude Beige*.  I got it from this No. 17 Nail Gallery Set. I then used one coat of Rimmel *Mattifying Topcoat* and for the tips I used a quick dry topcoat – any one will do really.

Nail Luxxe No.17 Matte Rimmel

What I love about the Mattifying Topcoat is that it creates an entirely different look so easily.  I liken the look to a frosted glass effect, something which I can’t wait to try out on some of my older shades to give them a Spring revamp.  It’s also worth noting that IT DRIES SO FAST! I’m talking less than 5 minutes so it’s perfect for a quick change.  Definitely one of my best nail purchases in a while!


9 responses to “Frosted French Twist Matte Manicure

  1. This is smexeh. I love the frosted/shiny contrast – and I’m really digging neutrals at the moment, so this is an all round win! You got you’re top coat on so evenly – how? When I’ve used a matte top coat it’s dragged and not been even… got any tips? ❤

    • Why thank you! 🙂 Neutrals are on my radar too
      I’m trying to think of what I did because there wasn’t any real technique. Basecoat, 2xcolour then matte topcoat. I put quite a bit on the brush, almost so it was dripping and did 4 strokes – left, middle, right and then one to even it out and seal the free edge

  2. Gorgeous! I tried something similar a few weeks back using black! I got the Matt varnish from Gosh but I was not happy with it at all, within 24hrs it had all chipped! Yours look fab I’ll defo be trying this look! x

    • Ah, didn’t know about the GOSH one, could have been looking for that…but then again you say it’s not that good lol. Glad you like the look 🙂 I would recommend Rimmels because it is quite cheap especially if you can get the promo that’s on at Boots (2 for £6) and so far no chips!

  3. Why is it so hard to find matte toppers now? I went to like 5 stores and the last beauty supply store I went to the clerk said “those were popular LAST year and we don’t stock those anymore”. I was like whoa- I guess I’m way behind the trends then, geeesh.

    • haha that’s exactly how I felt! I would of thought that Matte topcoat would become a staple topcoat option, but apparently not.

      Stock up if you can get your hands on them!

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