Sally Hansen *Dorian Grey*

As mentioned here, this is one of the newest members of my nail varnish collection.  Even though Sally Hansen is known to be an expert in the nail field, I don’t have that many colours.  The ones that I do have, however, have always provided a rich colour which matches the colour of the bottle.

Nail Luxxe Dorian Grey

This is *Dorian Grey* which required 3 coats to get full coverage and possibly could have done with a fourth.  I’m not a fan of using more than 2 coats because waiting for nails to dry is horrible and another coat just increases that vulnerable time when you’re too frightened to do anything which may damage your hard work!Nail Luxxe Dorian Grey Sally Hansen

The shade is just right and the cute name suits it perfectly.  I have to commend this range of varnishes on its brush – it’s amazing!  It has defined edges so that when you take a corner it leaves a clean line.  Any excess on my cuticles is down to my poor application 😛


And now, does it have Luxxe Appeal?  Let’s find out

Luxxe Appeal Dorien Grey
Scoring 22/25, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure *Dorian Grey* has certified Luxxe Appeal.  Gorgeous on and already one of my faves!

6 responses to “Sally Hansen *Dorian Grey*

  1. I am such a sucker for grey and I loved the Dorian Grey book…win/win lol. Love this colour shame about how many coats you need though I can never put that many coats on without smudging because I’m too impatient to let them fully dry!

    • Yeah the amount of coats is a bit of a problem. But the drying time wasn’t too bad considering it was 3 coats. The colour is wonderful though so I’m glad I stuck it out 🙂

  2. So pretty, and I love the name! But I really feel like the Sally Hansen polishes are kind of sub par formula-wise. It’s a shame, cuz their colors are so gorgeous.

    • I agree. The colours are amazing. I ended up giving the consistency 3/5 because despite the lack of coverage, the drying time wasn’t that long for 3 coats and the finish is exceptional – high gloss and hard wearing.

    • hehe thought you might like the outcome 🙂 I feel the exact way! Because I love the colour I didn’t mind waiting a bit longer, and it was certainly a lot less time than most brands that I have tried 3 coats with.

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