NOTD – No.7 *Stonewash*

When I first bought *Stonewash* I was so excited as I had been trying to track down the perfect blue shade, and this was it!  However, when it came to the application it was rather disappointing.  One stroke of the brush left a thin, uneven and streaky brush stroke.  A second did the same. The brush became gloopy very quickly but oddly enough even this didn’t help much to achieve a solid coat.

Nail Luxxe Stonewash

To jazz up the manicure I added a white net ribbon with polka dots on alternating nails.  I haven’t added a textured layer like this to my nails  before, so this is a first attempt, which I’m still not sure has worked out lol.  I added a matte topcoat (to the ribboned nails) because the gloss actually made it look unfinished.

With practice I think I would try a textured nail again – always nice to try something different!

Luxxe Appeal

Does No.7 *Stonewash* have Luxxe Appeal?  Let’s find out:no7 Stonewash Luxxe Appeal

Scoring just 16/25 No. 7 Stonewash is actually the worst scoring nail varnish to date!  Where it lost major points was on its thin coverage, yet odd gloopy nature.  It is a beautiful colour, if only the formula was a bit better!

10 responses to “NOTD – No.7 *Stonewash*

  1. I’m not sure about the polka dots but I love the texture of the net ribbon. You’re not the first that I have read about having problems with this particular varnish – such a shame, it is a great colour. I am currently on the hunt for a true blue – all of mine seem grey or teal leaning, any suggestions?

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