Barry M Bright Purple + Luxxe Appeal

I want to bring you a seasonal post (which should be on the way soon!)  So in the meantime, here is what is on my nails today.  I’ve had this colour forever but haven’t worn it in equally as long.  Always good to crack out the vintage varnishes even though I’m constantly tempted to buy new colours!

Just thinking, I probably should have done a Luxxe Appeal for this one.  Comment below  if you would like a more in depth analysis of Barry M Bright Purple and how it performed. UPDATE – as requested, you can now scroll down for Luxxe Appeal info.

Nail Luxxe Barry M Bright Purple

With the flash on, it lives up to the name of being BRIGHT purple, but in reality it’s a lot darker and intense (and for some reason I have the name Urban Purple stuck in my head, like that’s what it should be called).  A slightly pinker toned version of the Cadbury’s purple.  Barry Ms dry nice and quickly, which is a bonus for me.  It makes a change of colour quick and effortless, perfect for when you’re short of time to do the whole manicure properly.  The only real minus point is that longevity is a bit of an issue – the colour loses its lustre and a significant fading effect occurs by the 2 day mark (i.e. after 2 days it looks as though you’ve had it on for 4)


Does Barry M *Bright Purple have Luxxe Appeal?  Let’s find out:

NAIL LUXXE luxxe appeal barry m purple

Scoring 20/25, *Bright Purple* has certified Luxxe Appeal! A great formula and true colour make it a joy to wear, if only the effects lasted a bit longer! 

Bright Purple Nail Luxxe Barry M


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