Craftynail Inspired Mini Post Ft. Revlon Vixen & Barry M Gold

Having seen Craftynail’s Evanora Nails from Oz and instantly loving them, I was inspired to play around with the shape element.

revlon barry m gold


I used Revlon *Vixen* and Barry M Nail Effects in Gold.  Note to self – invest in painters tape!  That way I can get get more accurate edges.  What do you guys think?


15 responses to “Craftynail Inspired Mini Post Ft. Revlon Vixen & Barry M Gold

    • O cool, thanks for the tip!
      A bit ironic, me going into a hardware shop to buy something to assist with my manicures lol 😛
      Be sure to blog about it, would love to see pics! NL xoxo

  1. It looks marvelous! What kind of tape did you use to layer the gold? I was hoping the Nails Inc gel would work, especially for nail art! I never try art because it doesn’t last long enough. 😦 I mainly just use glitter top coat. Oz is a phenomenal movie, by the way!

    • Thank you 🙂 I didn’t use any tape for this manicure but i will in future so it can be neater.

      Finding a good top coat is hard, especially for nail art. I use Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat and that works for me (but I haven’t used it with complex nail art with lots of layers) NL xoxo

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