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* Heads up Nail Lovers, it’s a review on Clinique’s Even Better Eye Dark Circle Corrector *

I struggled with dark circles and hadn’t yet found a solution.  I was resigned to leaving them be for the most part and apply a corrector and concealer on evenings out/special occasions.  Clinique was the latest in the long list of brands claiming to be the solution to under-eye darkness.  Clinique’s Even Better Eye Dark Circle Corrector retails at £28 and the reviews for this product are pretty impressive On the Clinique website the product has been given 4.2/5.  An independent site has given it 2.9 (basically 3)/5 which I didn’t think was too bad and worth the try.

Clinique Even Better Eyes Review Nail Luxxe

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Clinique has been up front in saying that it may take up to 12 weeks to see a visible difference.  That’s three months.  I say that, not to insult your maths skills, but to let it sink in as to how long that really is.  I mean, will that little tube even last three months?  Just some of my initial thoughts.

I used this product almost (at least 5 days out of 7) every morning on both eyes.  I enjoyed the cooling sensation of the metal applicator against my eye area – it felt as though it was ‘working’.  I also liked the fact that the cream was light and left no residue.  It sort of disappeared into my skin and left no touchable trace of it ever having been there, which is perfect for when you want to apply makeup.

The actual corrector cream is not transparent. It is a pigmented neutral colour that is very pale, so naturally when it is applied, it slightly lightens the area…as would any pigmented colour that is lighter than your skin colour. So for me, this made the product no different than using a makeup corrector before applying concealer.

A regular makeup corrector is meant to neutralise under-eye darkness.  It does this temporarily whilst it is on your skin, an effect which disappears when the product is removed. The claims made by Clinique’s Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector is that not only does it neutralise darkness whilst it is temporarily on your skin, but that over time, it will lighten your skin (by up to 30%) so that even when the product is not on your skin, your skin is lighter than before you first started using the product.  (In order to maintain these results you will have to keep using the product)



I have used this product for at least 14 weeks and I am very disappointed to say that I can see no visible difference in the darkness of my eye area.  The skin texture also remains the same.

In fact from time to time I actually felt that the product made the darkness far more noticeable as the skin became slightly plumped up.  I carried on using it regardless, but I actually think that these past 3 months my eyes have looked darker than before I started to use the product. 

This is of course just my personal experience and as previously stated, I have always had dark eye issues.  My dark circles are by no means severe, but nevertheless, I get the impression that this product would best suit someone who ‘had a late night’ as opposed to really tackling under-eye darkness.

So for me at least, the relaxed search for an under-eye miracle continues.  Or maybe I should just take the advice of several makeup artists who say that nothing does the trick like drinking more water (and to those that thought I was going to mention a certain ‘intimate’ medicated cream, shame on you lol)

Have you tried Clinique Even Better Eyes? Have you got your own solution for under-eye darkness? Would love to hear your thoughts and comments

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