Clinique “A Different Nail Enamel” is almost here

Clinique is about to launch A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins later next week which will include a basecoat, topcoat, french manicure pinks and a limited edition Summer shade collection.  A Different Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skins (yes, that’s actually the name of it!) is exactly that, a nail varnish which is suitable for sensitive skin – a claim that’s backed up by SIX YEARS of research.  It has undergone all sorts of testing – dermatologically-tested, opthalomologically-tested  AND is even fragrance-free.


Having written about Nail Varnish & The Effects on Our Health, I think it’s nice to see a brand putting so much effort into making a product safer for us to use.  Plus, as well as being a health-conscious product, the colours are pretty gorgeous.  Although, I wonder if the application and finish will be affected by a formula like this.

Costing £12, Clinique A Different Nail Enamel will available online on 25th April and available in-store mid-May.

What do you guys think?  Would you try out the new range?  Are you a fan of the colours?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

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11 responses to “Clinique “A Different Nail Enamel” is almost here

    • Clinique are great for sensitive skin products in general, not just this, but it’s nice to see such an addition to their brand…I have my fingers crossed for you!

  1. Really? It sounds great!!
    I have just one Clinique product, a lipstick, and it loooove it!
    I’ll stay tuned to know more 😉
    Have a great day

    • The lipsticks are great aren’t they? Very smooth and hydrating. I would love to see the nail varnish in real life rather than just order online but you never know, I might give in 🙂
      NL xoxo

    • It does, doesn’t it? 🙂 To be honest I would need to find this out. Usually regular nail varnish will have fragrance included (even though they still smell bad!) so I took it to mean that that was eliminated. I will investigate!

  2. I think it’s really cool that they’re gong to be fragrance- free. I’ll be sure to check these out.

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