Revlon Charming & Miss Sporty Popcorn

I admit it, I’m hooked on this pastel thing!

I have never used anything from the Miss Sporty range before.  I bought it because I made a shocking discovery whilst looking through my stash: I didn’t own a single yellow nail varnish!   I have A LOT of nail varnish and yet I didn’t even have ONE yellow shade.  So clearly I had to put that right.

I went to a local Boots which didn’t have a great range of different brands.  Miss Sporty was the only one that had a pastel yellow, so I decided to give it a try.

Introducing a new category: The Same but Different.  It will feature manicures that use the same colours but a different design. 

Attempt 1:

Nail Luxxe Revlon Charming Miss Sporty Popcorn

This manicure was a nightmare to do!  Every type of problem occurred from nail varnish being too thick, bubbles, the nail guides were either too sticky or not sticky enough, stripers (one ‘p’) and I had a falling out to starting again and painting the wrong colour first! #NailProblems

When I agreed with Valens…porVoi that lunettes (nail guides) could be messy and “tricky to use” I think I forgot just how true that was.  Nail artists please comment if you know of a set of nail guides that work well or share some advice pretty please! Thank you in advance 🙂

Design 2:

Revlon charming Popcorn Miss Sporty Nail Luxxe

I personally prefer this design to the last one.

Popcorn is not the greatest formula, but it is a great shade.  It still baffles me that I didn’t own a yellow lol.  Are there any colours or nail related items that should be in your collection?


11 responses to “Revlon Charming & Miss Sporty Popcorn

    • In 100% agreement! I did the taboo of adding nail varnish remover as I don’t have a proper thinner (another item missing from my kit!) and it improved a bit. Which thinner would you recommend?

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    • Don’t mind at all, I’m actually kinda honored so thank you 🙂
      I’ve noticed a lot more yellow manicures too, it’s like that yellow car game, when you don’t see any and then suddenly you start seeing them everywhere!
      NL xoxo

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