YSL La Laque Couture Tie & Dye Top Coat

YSL have certainly stirred up intrigue with their Limited Edition YSL La Laque Couture Tie & Die Top Coat.  It is a unique, three-tiered nail varnish which has a layer of glitter, solid colour and clear varnish.

ysl tie dye nail polish

Some reports have indicated that you can use it to create a gradient manicure by carefully sliding out the brush from the bottle (leaving the brush marked with all three layers) and brushing it on the nail.  However, this seems messy and impractical and I don’t think that is the correct method.

The most practical method (and one I believe to be its intended use) is to shake YSL La Laque Couture Tie & Dye Top Coat so that all the layers combine to create one glitter topcoat.  You can either wear it over a base colour or wear it on its own.  It comes in the following colours:

1 Cool Coat (Baby Pink)

2 Pop Coat  (Pink)

3 Hip Coat (Purple)

4 Ice Coat (Blue)

ysl tie dye

BOTTLES AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN SHAKEN  Photo Source: http://www.perilouslypale.com

Beautezine managed to get their hands on them – click here for swatches.

How gorgeous are those swatches?!

I think the name YSL La Laque Tie & Dye Top Coat is what is throwing people off when it comes to how it’s meant to be used.  But if those swatches are anything to go by, simplicity is best.  To me, the Tie Dye element comes from the look of the bottle when each layer is separated.  I need some evidence of the tie dye effect in action to believe that that’s how it should be used 🙂

As a glitter top coat, it’s not a new nail trend.  However, having a three-tiered nail varnish is a new and exciting concept!

It will cost £25 a bottle and is available in stores from May.  Slyly wishing my birthday was in May 🙂 Which is your favourite colour?

Photo Sources: Femalemag.com.my, perilouslypale.com


6 responses to “YSL La Laque Couture Tie & Dye Top Coat

  1. Hmm I’m on the fence on this one – the three tiered approach looks cool and interesting, but at the end of the day it is just a high quality, high end glitter varnish! My opinion only!

    • I love hearing your opinion! 🙂 I think indies paved the way for a lot of nail trends and bigger brands are trying to catch up. Out of all the products, I think this is the most simplistic and least unique in terms of application, but I am a sucker for great packaging 😀

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