Cling Film Challenge (Saran Wrap Nails)

It never ceases to amaze me as to how many nail art techniques exist. This week I took part in the Cling Film Challenge (Saran Wrap Nails) for Nail Polish Lovers.  I hadn’t heard of the method before, but basically you use a ball of cling film to dab your nail and create the nail effect.  All you need is two nail colours and cling film.  Easy nail art is always a good place to start.

I chose Sally Hansen *Dorian Grey* and H&M *Purple Heart*.  Purple Heart is such a gorgeous colour, I almost forgot about.  At some point I will do a swatch of it on its own so you can see.

I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials after searching for ‘Saran Wrap Nails Tutorial’ and found that this was the basic method:

    • Step 1: Apply base coat and base colour to your nail.  You should apply the lightest colour first
    • Step 2: When the first colour is completely dry, apply the second (darker) colour
    • Step 3: Immediately begin dabbing the nail (whilst it’s wet) with the cling film

Step 4: Use a top coat to seal the look

Saran Wrap Nails Cling Film

When I finished, I wasn’t sure if I had achieved the right look.   A lot of the other ones I’ve seen have more of a marble effect but I do like it.  Quick and easy, but results in a great effect.  With a few adjustments I would definitely try it again.


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