NOTD – Pink Plated Primark Beauty

Continuing on from my post on 5 Nail Colours You Need for SS13, here we have Pink Plated by Primark Beauty.

Rose Plated nAILS

It’s not a high shine metallic, it gives a brushed metal finish.  I bought this shade a very long time ago but it is perfect for the metallic trend.  It is a rose gold hue which is also UV reactive!  So should I ever venture to a place with UV light then my nails will glow in the night! (Apologies for the quality of the photos but I was trying to capture the ‘pinkness’ which somehow didn’t show up in higher quality images.)

I’m not sure what the ingredients are for this because there are none listed on the bottle and whatever packaging it may have come in, is long gone now.  The fumes suggest it’s not all that good, so I would wear it more on a one-off type of situation.

With this, I only used one coat because it took quite a while to dry and I wanted to reduce the amount of visible brush strokes.  The photo above is without a top coat, which I think you could get away with.  Without a top coat, the look is softer and more subtle.

Rose Plated Metallic Nails  (2)

I do love it though, as I feel it ties in so many trends – nudes, metallics and UV.  Very happy to have this one sitting in my collection and will have to investigate any similar products like this!  The hunt is still on for some decent metallic nail wraps.  If you have any suggestions, let me know 🙂


2 responses to “NOTD – Pink Plated Primark Beauty

  1. I really love the ‘brushed metal’ nail varnishes that have been out recently, I actually prefer them to traditional metallics. This one actually looks really nice for a cheap brand – but do you know if it lasts? I’ve bought lots of different brands in the past but some have gone all thick and gloopy after not very long, do you know how this one is in terms of that? I’d help you with the metallic wraps, but you ones I just bought were absolutely awful!

    • Hi, thanks for commenting ! 🙂
      I would say it lasts about 2 – 3 days before it starts looking shabby, definitely not one that you could wear for a week. I’ve had it forever and the consistency is still alright, no gloopyness. Sorry to hear about the nail wraps it seems that they can be tricky

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