NOTD – H&M Purple Heart

As promised, here is a swatch of H&M *Purple Heart* on its own.  I had used it previously to try out Cling Film (saran wrap) nails here.  Whilst I was using it, I remembered how lovely the colour was on its own and so this is the swatch of it plus Luxxe Appeal Info to follow.


*Purple Heart* is another shimmery metallic that has a hazy purple hue. It is a rich, luxurious colour, which has the similar appeal of an Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette.  It’s one of those nail varnishes which keeps you interested as it shows different qualities in different light settings, with the gorgeous weather we had today in London, it glittered away in the sunlight.

Luxxe Appeal

The application process was a breeze, as the formula was quite smooth, although I could feel it getting a little gloopy at one point so I had to warm the bottle once and that seemed to sort it out.  H&M nail varnishes generally perform very well and give a lot of the specialist brands a run for their money, quite literally too, because they retail around the £3 – £4 bracket.

luxxe appeal 21
Scoring 21/25 Purple Heart has certified Luxxe Appeal! Fantastic coverage, quality finish and a more than acceptable drying time.  H&M may well be the fashion brand to beat when it comes to nail varnish!

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