NOTD – Purple Ombre

Having seen this wonderful Fresh & Fruity Collection Skittles Manicure by the incredibly talented Work Play Polish, I was inspired by the vibrancy of colours and wanted to create an ombre effect.  I have toyed with gradient manicures before, but not ombre, so today I gave it a go.

Gradient vs Ombre

These terms are often confused (even I’ve muddled it up before!).  You’ll usually find that the faded effect is referred to as Ombre, which is actually incorrect.  When the colour fades or blends on one nail, that is a Gradient manicure.  An Ombre manicure is created by the use of solid colours in the same family.  So, for example in this manicure I have used several different shades of my favy fave colour – purple.

Ombre Nails

I started with the darkest colour on my little finger and then moved to the lightest colour on my thumb.  The colours used are: Sephora 173, Beauty UK Lilac, Rimmel Marshmallow Heaven, Revlon Charming and Ciate Purple Sherbet.

Purple Ombre nails

I was happy with the application of all of the colours I used.  No major issues and they have left a lovely, gloss, high quality finish.  It’s playful and despite my earlier concerns of it looking like a swatch test, I think it’s fine to wear as a manicure.

I might look for a purple that is somewhere between Charming and Marshmallow Heaven to create a better blend…just another reason to buy more nail varnish really! 🙂

Ombre Purple Nails

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    • Thank you so much! I shape them once a week and always wear nail varnish – even if it’s just a clear base coat. I think that helps strengthen them

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