Ted Baker Moisturiser Review – Moisturisation is key!

The key to healthy looking and feeling skin is moisture.  Be it for your hands or your body in general, hydrated, glowing skin makes the world of difference.  So today I’ll be reviewing:

  • Ted Baker Hand Cream
  • Ted Baker Body Lotion
  • Ted Baker Body Souffle

I was gifted this beautiful box set a from Ted Baker which contained all these products:

Ted Baker Body Lotion

I have had them and used them for a while now so I know exactly how they work. There’s a body scrub which is missing from this picture because its so good I’ve used it up! Seriously, one of THE BEST body scrubs I’ve ever used! Gets rid of any dead skin and buffs it to glowing perfection all whilst leaving skin silky soft. But back to the moisture factor…

Ted Baker Hand CreamTed Baker Hand Cream

The hand cream glides on very smoothly.  It absorbs within about 20 seconds leaving no residue, which is always a great feature because no one wants that greasy after feeling.  In terms of moisture, it does alright.  If your hands are very dry then you will see feel a very noticeable difference, especially because it absorbs so well.

  Ted Baker Body LotionTed Baker Body Lotion

With a similar texture to the hand cream, the body lotion massages into the skin smoothly but takes a bit longer to absorb.  The body lotion restores brightness to the skin, making it look healthier and more youthful looking.  Whilst it only offers moderate moisturisation, it does leave skin very smooth after use.

Ted Baker Body SouffleTed Baker Body Souffle

Prepare for major bias lol

This is to die for!  It’s the sort of product that I imagine a model would use to get their skin baby-soft for a photo shoot. It has a slightly thicker consistency than other creams but is light just like a souffle and melts rather than disappear into your skin.  This takes longer to soak in fully, but it is well and truly worth it.  Your skin is moisturised, nourished and radiant looking! Obviously this is meant for your body but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using it for your hands as well.  The super soft and supple result can be liken to overnight moisture treatment gloves.  But this takes less than a minute and is far less uncomfortable!

Ted Baker Cream

Body Lotion (Left) Hand Cream (Middle) Body Souffle (Right)

As you can see from the photo they all had different consistencies, which is reassuring because proves that they really are different and not just the same cream in different packaging.  The Body Lotion and Hand Cream has more of an oily base, whereas the souffle is creamier.

All of these smell gorgeous, with a fresh, flirty and floral scent that is not at all harsh or overpowering.  Using one or more of the products in combination evokes a feeling of being thoroughly pampered.

You can buy these products individually so you can top up as and when you need.  I don’t feel that the hand cream offers a deep level of moisture so I mainly use it as a back-up hand cream or for quick touch ups.

For a general body moisturiser, clearly I would recommend the Body Souffle. It leaves your skin looking and feeling like a Victoria Secret model. So with that and your eight glasses of water a day (sic) dare to bare your skin!


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