NOTD – Leather Look Nails

Hey everyone!

It’s been a gorgeous day in London for the Bank Holiday weekend, so I’ve been enjoying that but I also wanted to show you my new nails!

Leather look nails is a trend that didn’t interest me much to be honest.  But, ever since I tried Barry M’s Textured Effects my curiosity for rough textured nails grew.  Today I’m wearing Leather Look Nails by Claire’s Accessories, in Black and Burgundy.

Leather Look Nails Claires Accessories

Although both Leather Look Nails and Textured Effects have a gritty texture, there is a distinct difference.  The Leather Look Nails have more of a leathery/glossy finish, whereas, the Barry M Textured Effects is more of a matte, powdery finish.

It could just be the colours, but wearing them makes me feel a bit of a rebel lol  and I didn’t get that feeling with the Textured Effects.  I’m very fond of this ‘bad chick’ look and I will be reserving it for a more appropriate time of year 🙂

Happy Bank Holiday!

Nail Luxxe xoxo


6 responses to “NOTD – Leather Look Nails

  1. That’s such an interesting texture. Do you find that it snags onto clothing or hair like some of the other textured polishes do?

    • That’s a really good question actually. No, I didn’t experience any snagging, which I did experience with other nail effects (Textured Effect Nails, Fur Nails). Perhaps because it’s got a bit of a glossier texture

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  3. These look great! I quite like this leather effect, but since it’s near impossible to get my hands on them in my neck of the woods (or if I can, they’re too expensive), I sort of create the look myself – layering a regular creme polish over a textured one, ha 🙂

    • Thank you so much! (read your comment on the giveaway page and I’m very happy you’re sticking around 🙂 )

      Leather nails are a cool look. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of DIY to re-create it yourself, plus you have tons more colour options that way too!

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