Nail Art – No.7 Stonewash & Revlon Silver Screen

Having discovered the unfortunate reality that No.7s don’t work well on their own, I decided to test it out with nail art.  Whilst looking at some of my very first designs, I thought about recreating one of them using updated colours.

Stonewash No.7 Blue Nails

The diagonal design is an easy one to do because you’re working with sort of straight lines and the effect can be as bold or as subtle as you like.  Starting with a base of Revlon’s Silver Screen, I applied two coats and then waited for that to dry.

Silver Screen Revlon 1 Stonewash

Next I added tape and painted on No.7 Stonewash to the exposed region, going a little skewif on my pinky finger – oops! I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to wait too long before adding the top coat.  I really do think that No.7’s adhere so much better when they have a coat of another brand underneath it.

Silver Thunderstorm

I love colour of Stonewash and seeing it here reminds me of why I bought it in the first place!  Now that I know the little trick, I will be using it more often! 😀


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