NOTD – L’Oreal Opera Ballerina + Video!

Everything’s better with glitter

I am so excited to show you these nails today!  Just because they are so sparkly and feminine.  Also my nails are a lot shorter because I accidentally snipped one too much, so then the rest had to follow suit.

Loreal Opera Ballerina LOREAL Nail Luxxe

I used L’Oreal Opera Ballerina which is a beautifully delicate barely there shade with a milky, pink hue.

105To achieve full and even coverage, I added three coats.  Luckily the drying time was not affected by the addition of an extra coat.  After that I added fine silver glitter by W7 and then my new Claire’s Accessories glitter which has larger square flakes.

Loreal Opera Ballerina 101 Nail Luxxe

Wedding bells aren’t ringing for me just yet, but it could make a good bridal manicure, too.

…And because I couldn’t get enough of the sparkles I decided to video it!  Apologies for the weird noise at the start hahaha I assure you that that was not me! It happened when (ironically enough) I  muted the background noise. Guess I won’t be directing any big movies soon 😛

Enjoy the sparkly sparkles!


8 responses to “NOTD – L’Oreal Opera Ballerina + Video!

  1. Oh my… it’s so sparkly. The pictures don’t give enough justice to the beauty of this manicure. It’s absolutely lovely!!!
    Have a fab day

  2. This looks gorgeous! My bridal shower is in two weeks and I think I might do my nails in a similar style 🙂

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