NOTD – Pastel Striped Nails

Today I bring you pastel striped nails.  I got this lovely, pale, almost turquoise blue from Claire’s Accessories.  From the moment I bought it, I knew it would pair well with white, so from that thought I created this look.

Pastel Nails, Striped Nails, Nail Art

Claire’s Accessories have an incredible range of different colours and textures including cremes, holos, neons and glitters.  It’s a brand that I never thought to try before, mostly because I hadn’t been to Claire’s since I was a kid!  But I was very impressed with what they have to offer.

These nails sort of remind me of those old school, paper bags for sweets.  So to enhance that nostalgic feeling, I topped it with a Matte top coat from Rimmel.  This top coat is ah-mazing! To be honest I haven’t tried others but I don’t feel the need to because this does everything I want it to.  The brush makes it easy to apply, dries in no-time and the matte effect is fully achieved.

Pastel Stripe Nails Rimmel Matte top coat

I think the sweet, retro feel is so cute and I’m completely obsessed with the smooth but wonderfully matte texture.


11 responses to “NOTD – Pastel Striped Nails

    • Great minds hehe 😛
      Yeah, I did it that way because I always find that whites are thick, so I didn’t want it on top of too many layers and then take forever to dry

  1. Love this! Love the colours, love the stripes, love matte nails! Totally with you on the top coat too, it’s a great product 🙂

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