NOTD – 17 Pink Grapefruit Mini Post

There might be a bit of fruity theme going lol

Earlier in the week I showed you You’re a Peach by Nails Inc and now we have Pink Grapefruit by 17.   This has been quietly sitting in the stash, on hold, just for this time of year. I love the shades produced by 17.  As a brand they always manage to create specific colours.

Pink Nails Swatch Pink Grapefruit

I often find that lower end brands (with a smaller range of shades) make ‘standard’ colours.  I.e if they’re going to make a bright pink, then it will probably be similar to a lot of other bright pinks. But 17 make minute changes which result in beautifully distinct shades.

Pink Grapefruit 17 Pink Nails

Bold and bright, this coral mid-tone pink look is 100% fun and summery.  In fact I think I may have to treat myself to a pedicure with this!


14 responses to “NOTD – 17 Pink Grapefruit Mini Post

  1. What a gorgeous color! 🙂 Just a bit different enough to make it stand out from the pack. Where can I buy this polish?! (After my no-buy is over, of course!)

    • Exactly, that’s what I love about it. Its from Boots in the UK and I’m not sure they do international delivery… 😦 but on the plus side you can stick to your no buy without the temptation! 😛

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