Nails Inc Beaded Polish

Nails Inc Beaded Polish is the latest in an ever-increasing number of textured nail effects on the market.

Nails Inc Beaded Polish Covent Garden Embankment

(Left to Right) Hampstead, Covent Garden, Chancery Lane, Belgravia, Embankment

With no swatches available (other than a small promo image) and a very brief description, I was left curious as to what it actually was. UPDATE – Swatches below.

When I first heard the name I was inclined to think that the resulting effect would be nails that looked beaded.   But after reading the One Bottle, No Mess slogan, I  wondered whether there were actual mini beads in there, as some sort of reference to using a two step process e.g. caviar nails.

Nails Inc Beaded PolishSo I investigated (or just super zoomed lol) and it would seem that there aren’t any beads in there, and that those tiny dots are similar to those created by a ‘concrete nail’ effect.  What is clearer though, is that it is packed with glitter hexes and that the base colour is pearlescent to add extra glimmer and sparkle.

Nails Inc Beaded Polish

Nails Inc Beaded Polish Zoomed Image

One bottle, no mess! This unique formulation provides a 3D beaded and glitter nail texture using just one bottle of product. Beaded polish is an excellent way of nailing the trend for textured nails with no fuss and no mess. – Nails Inc

I’m not too sure about this product. It highlights “no mess” but I actually think it looks messy.

Having tried Barry M’s Textured Nails and Claire’s Leather Look Nails, I ended up liking them for fun or certain occasions. The difference between those and this being that they looked gritty whereas this, to me, looks lumpy.  At first glance I think it’s all a bit too much but real life swatches will be the ultimate decider.

The limited edition Nails Inc Beaded Polish, £12, is available now (Embankment is not available in the UK).

What do you guys think of Beaded Polish?  A welcome addition to nail effects or not?

UPDATE: Swatches found, done by Blue Tape and Nail Tips. Click to enlarge

  Nails Inc Beaded Polish  Swatch Review





Nails Inc Beaded Polish Embankment

30 responses to “Nails Inc Beaded Polish

  1. Someone swatched this and hated them yesterday – I wish I could remember who and where I saw this… I think it was on my twitter feed somewhere >.< I should really keep better mental notes.

    • Nope, definitely not for an everydayer 🙂 ..I’m not sure, perhaps its just the lighter colours but considering concrete has been around for a while, I thought that their addition to that theme would look better

  2. I’d think it would really depend on the shade. Like, a bright or vivid color could look cool as an accent, but those white shades? Looks like old cheese or something congealed on your nail. I almost grabbed one of these at Sephora, glad I didn’t!

    • That’s a very good question. It seems like it would I be hard to get off – concrete PLUS glitter! I think you’d have to do the glitter removal to get it done quickly

  3. Not sure but I like the one with pinkish hint. I dnt know abut it does give me a celestial kinna feel. Like moon face. Can anyone relate to what I am saying??

  4. Those look very….interesting? Concrete sounds about right to me =/
    But I shouldn’t judge too harshly, I’m sure someone out there will find a way to make these look good!

  5. Haha this is how my nails look after I paint them, and then accidently smash them on something! Glad to see my horrible nail painting skills are now being marketed and probably sold for a ridiculous amount of money! Does this mean my nails will be “in” now??

    • lol @ “Does this mean my nails will be in” I’m not sure…probably 😛 It would be interesting to see anyone wearing this out and about.

  6. I was excited to see the swatches but in the above photos the polish looks like it applies quite thick and looks a bit…messy; perhaps because there are too many particles in it. Hmm not sure about this one.

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  8. They don’t seem that bad on the promo shoot… but O-M-G, I have no words to describe those polishes… Even “awful” isn’t strong enough ^^

  9. I ordered this… was undecided then it was free delivery last weekend so I ordered…. very disappointed. Personally I like a textured polish (particularly the nails inc concrete) but this is mental. I’d describe it as an extreme concrete and not at all “beaded”. So hard to spread evenly on nails and SO scratchy when dry!

    • Oh dear. From the swatches above it wasn’t looking great but your comments just confirm it. Hopefully the next Nails Inc item will be better

    • I did exactly the same as you, took advantage of free weekend to take a chance on a polish I was in two minds about. My husband made my mid up for me when he remarked “Oh no love, you’ve smudged your nails!”. When I told him that they were supposed to look like that and I’d spent over a tenner for the privilege he looked at me like I’d completely lost the plot.

  10. My stance on texture polish: if there aint no glitter or sparkle to it, I aint gona like it lol.
    No but seriously, it just doesn’t do it for me. It took me even a bit of a long time to like pixiedust because I wasn’t sure. I’m ordering one bottle and when I have it, I’ll be able to say for sure if I DO really like it.

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