NOTD – Pastel Nails

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve all been having a good week 🙂

Today’s nails are…well, I’m not sure what to call this style, so I’ll name it “half n half” even though its deliberately not equal halves lol.  It features my favourite colour combinations of the moment – cool pastels.  London weather is making it pretty difficult to enjoy Summer nails but we persevere!

pastel nails pastel nail art

I used the same Claire’s Blue from the pastel striped nails here. When you compare the two of them, you can really see how a matte top coat vs a gloss top coat makes a significance difference to the colour as well as the overall look.  By creating a 40/60 ratio of the two ‘halves’ it gives the illusion of longer nails.  An illusion that I wasn’t aware of until I had completed the manicure lol.  But it’s quite a good little trick if you want to add some quick length.

In other news, there’s been some camera trouble behind the scenes so apologies for lack of posts. I am working on it!

In the meantime you can check the Nails Inc Beaded Polish if you haven’t already.  It’s been updated with real life swatches by Blue Tape and Nail Tips.


8 responses to “NOTD – Pastel Nails

  1. Hey, love the way these colours work together nice application of it as well. Its cool that your from London too, this weather is confused it was pretty much raining all day off and on here.

    • Hey Lucy, didn’t know you were based in London 😀 The weather’s pretty rubbish isn’t it, but can’t let that get in the way of our nails!

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