Perfect that pedicure

If you haven’t done it already it’s time to perfect that pedicure!

I know some people find hesitation when it comes to the f-word (feet), but it’s gotta be done.  For most of you it’s Summer, a time to wear flip-flops, sandals and frolic barefoot, so those tootsies better be on top form!

There’s two types I’m going to cover – The Express and Intense Treatment. This post will feature the Intense Treatment which mainly deals with the foot side of the Pedicure.  Do this if you haven’t had a pedicure in a while (3 weeks or more).  I find it’s best to start this in the evening on a night in.

Things you’ll need
  • A Foot File
  • A Pumice Stone (or file that you can use in water)
  • A Foot Scrub (or face scrub)
  • A Bowl of Warm Water for your feet (or you can use the bath, might be uncomfy though)
  • Foot Cream (really needs to be a foot cream. I’ll why explain later)
  • Cling Film
  • Cuticle Pusher (orange stick)
The Intense Treatment Pedicure

1. File.  Taking a foot file, file away at the heels and sides of your feet, spending extra time wherever you have particularly rough/hard patches. This will get rid of the worst parts first. Remove any nail varnish

2. Soak. Soak your feet in warm water, you can add a softening shower gel or bubble bath.  Soak for at least 10 mins

3. Scrub. Using a pumice stone, scrub away at your feet, this step will get any parts missed at Step One.

4. Exfoliate. Rub a foot scrub into your feet and cuticles and rinse off thoroughly. When dry, push back your cuticles

5. Moisturise. I only recommend using foot-specific creams.  They smell kind of funny because of the active ingredient, but they are so much more intensive than any body cream there is.  If you don’t have a foot cream then use the best moisturiser you own and really slather it on

6. Wrap. Wrap your feet in cling-film.  It may seem odd but this will lock in all the moisture – trust me on this one. It’s best if you leave this on over night.  To keep the cling-film on during sleep, wear thin socks.

7. Paint. Paint your toes (base coat, 2x coats of colour and top coat)

Et voila. Beautiful feet.  Yes, I said the word ‘feet’ lol.

I honestly think that you should do your own pedicures for a couple of reasons:

  • I don’t think they get all the hard skin off at the salon, it may just be me, but when I get home I always do a little extra filing
  • It’s nice to be pampered, but the key to lovely feet is maintaining them.  So unless you’re lucky enough to go the salon once a week then you’re going to have to do a little maintenance in between

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