One Lovely Blog Award

Technical glitches are still awry but I thought I would share some recent developments with you

Kim from Thirteenth and Hudson has given Nail Luxxe the One Lovely Blog Award!  It is an award given by the blogging community to fellow bloggers.  Thirteenth and Hudson is run by three friends who share their journeys in beauty. Whilst they all might have their individual styles, their blog is beautifully cohesive and brings something fresh and exciting to beauty blogging. A huge thank you to Kim and the gang, and make sure you check them out!


Part of the requirements of the award is that you have to share seven random facts about yourself (believe me, they will be random!) and also nominate other blogs.

Seven Random Facts About Moi

  • I have no tattoos.  Though I’m tempted by the idea of getting my initials entwined on the inside of my wrist. Note the ‘idea’ part 😛
  • As much as I love fashion and beauty, there’s an adventurous side which favors water sports over a day of sunbathing
  • After nail varnish, lip balm is probably the cosmetic item I wear the most
  • I have seven letters in my first name and seven letters in my surname
  • Thursday is my favourite day of the week
  • I’m not a huge fan of chocolate bars. But ice lollies are my faves, all year round
  • My favourite nail is on my ring finger on my left hand

I would like to pass the One Lovely Blog Award on to the following blogs, which are lovely in their own unique way.  Be it for their fabulous advice, flawless pictures, inventive nail designs, or wonderfully distinctive writing style:  (in alphabetical order)

According to Malle

All Things Lady


Cherry Lemon’s Beauty Blooog

Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student

Lipstick and Love

Pocket Money Polishes

Please do take a look at these blogs. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too 🙂

12 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Haha I love my ring finger nail best too, it grows the quickest and is the nicest shape! Thank you so much for this I really appreciate it. Love your blog! 🙂

  2. I have a wrist bracelet tattoo, it says “for we walk in faith not in sight”. It’s my fav tattoo that I have because it’s dainty and most think it is a bracelet anyway.
    I’m TOTALLY with you on the lip balm. Polish and lip balm FTW!!! Lol

    • Omgosh I am in love with your tattoo! Not that I’ve seen it obvs lol but it sounds absolutely beautiful. I’m a big fan of delicate, precise little items, so the fact that it’s so dainty, yet has such a profound meaning is perfection to me.
      LOL – Polish and lip balm, our two little addictions 😛

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