Sweeping Stripes

Pink hardly ever gets a look in on Nail Luxxe, and now it’s in every mani!

I wanted to challenge myself a little with these nails and do them free hand.  As previously stated, nail art is definitely a journey for me, and to improve I need to practice doing patterns that I wouldn’t normally try.  Personally, the hardest thing about using the regular brush, is the way the colour expands outwards making it difficult to create clean lines.  So instead of looking at it from a negative point of view, I thought about how I could use that to my advantage and I instantly thought of curves.

Pink Nails Nail Art Nail Luxxe

I started with a base of Revlon Charming and then used my go-to Pink of the moment (Barry M Shocking Pink) to create a curve which started in the top left corner of the nail.  The only issue I found doing this was that not every ‘starting point’ was sharp but I’m hoping that’s something I can work on.  Then when that layer was dry I did the same thing further down using Barry M White.


I could kick myself for not photographing it outstretched as it looks totally different from an outstretched angle compared to the top photo.  So I put the photo upside down to sort of illustrate it…not that it’s really working lol.

When it was finished I couldn’t think what to call it. To me the first photo has a psychedelic, 60’s vibe to it.  But what do you think?  Please offer me your suggestions so we can name this look! 🙂  UPDATE Thank you for all your suggestions! I picked from a tea cup and and Sweeping Stripes was the winner!


14 responses to “Sweeping Stripes

  1. I don’t know what to call it – but I love it! And honestly, I don’t think anyone would notice the starting points not being ‘sharp’ – because it looks clean and very well done! 🙂 (I know, I know, we’re our own worst critics.)

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