NOTD – Rimmel Night Flight + Something Extra…

Ready for a magic trick?

I recently snapped up this beautifully dark aubergine from Rimmel called Night Flight.  The application was super duper easy, with no fuss, and I appreciate the pro brush which is lovely for getting round your cuticles. Whilst it may be gorgeous on it’s own, I’m always conscious of wearing such dark colours this time of year.


So this is where the magic happens…kinda 😛 I decided to add Magnetise as a top coat.


When I first got Magnetise I thought that it would be fine to use as a regular colour, but I soon found out that that was not a good option.  On its own it’s quite flat and doesn’t build colour intensity, even with a few coats.  But this is what it does as a top coat over Night Flight…


Cool, huh?  It’s like a completely different colour! Not only does it add shimmer and pearlescence but it actually lightens the Night Flight by a good two shades!  Doing a couple of experiments I’ve discovered that Magnetise works better with darker colours where it’s effects are more exaggerated.

First impressions of Magnetise weren’t so great but after seeing it work like this, it’s definitely not one to be written off!


12 responses to “NOTD – Rimmel Night Flight + Something Extra…

    • Yep, its just a colour. I mean it has a lilac shimmer to it like you can see in the picture but it’s not meant to produce any special effects, even though it does 🙂

    • Go for it! 🙂 It’s always fun to experiment. With the lighter colours try ones that are kinda thin so the base can show through a bit and/have shimmer

    • I haven’t worn it for long enough on it’s own yet so can’t really say. But will update with a Luxxe Appeal when I have the info because it’s lovely!

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